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of the North
Learn more about the incredible experiences awaiting you in Nunatsiavut. It’s called ‘Our Beautiful Land’ for a reason!

Explore fulfilling careers and vibrant community life in Nunatsiavut. Join us at NG Recruitment for a rewarding lifestyle journey and more. Click here to learn more.


Discover a comprehensive range of benefits, including competitive leave, travel perks, insurance, pensions, and special incentives tailored to diverse roles and durations.

Explore competitive compensation tailored to diverse roles and durations.
Health & Dental
Optimal well-being with comprehensive health and dental coverage.
Build a secure future with our comprehensive retirement planning options.
Vacation & Sick Leave
Maintain work-life balance with our generous vacation and sick leave.
Learning Environment
Foster growth and excellence in our dynamic and supportive learning environment.
How do I apply for a position at NG Recruitment?

Visit our Careers page, select a job, and follow application instructions for a seamless process.

What benefits does NG Recruitment offer?

Nunatsiavut Government provides competitive packages, including leave, travel perks, insurance, pensions, and special incentives.

Are there opportunities for temporary employment?

Yes, Nunatsiavut Government offers temporary positions with various durations, each with unique benefits.

Can I expect career development support?

Absolutely, Nunatsiavut Government invests in your growth with training, mentorship, and advancement opportunities.

What makes Nunatsiavut Government stand out?

Nunatsiavut Government stands out with a commitment to employee well-being, diverse opportunities, and community engagement.

How can I contact NG Recruitment for further inquiries?

Feel free to reach out via the contact form on the website or call our HR department.

Interested in a Career?
If you have any questions about employment with the Nunatsiavut Government, you can always reach out to our Human Resources department at

We look forward to speaking with you!