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  • Interviewing Elders who are at the age of  65 + in each community from each of their community from Rigolet to Nain [Rigolet, Makkovik, Postville, Hopedale, Nain]
  • Digital Recordings of Elders through interview/storytelling
  • Create a file of Elders from each community
  • Create a poster profile on each Elder [65+] from each community
  • To create a work profile that will encompass the story of each Elder
  • To make these recordings into a digital database through transcribing each story
  • To record/interview Elders in their home, or where the elder chooses to tell their story
  • For the interview/storytelling process; include the following but not limited to…
  • Create of list of groceries/supplies that will be needed for the following and pick up items from a location that supply what will be needed:
  • Prepare a traditional meal together
  • Prepare a traditional craft together
  • Prepare a recipe together; gather recipes
  • Gather berries/go fising/ make pitsik/smoke fish/ etc…
  • Create non-intimidating question list to begin the storytelling process
  • Visit the Elder at home or call them to make reasonable arrangements
  • Create a contact list of Elders in each community – 1 student responsible for each community
  • Request to meet at least two/three times a week at their[elders] discretion
  • Travel as required for;
  • Other related duties as required: Training as needed
  • Create story starter questions that will get the Elder telling their stories 
  • Must have knowledge of:  operating standard office equipment; laptop, digital recording, transcribing and database
  • Must be a beneficiary of the Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement
  • Must be at least 15 years of age but under 30 years of age at the beginning of the summer work project
  • Students participating in the summer work activities must have been previously enrolled in secondary or post-secondary education and intending to return to school upon completion of summer work position
  • Must have a Social Insurance Number

Department: Education

Location: Nunatsiavut Community (Nain, Hopedale, Makkovik, Postville, Rigolet)

Term: Summer Student

Closing Date: July 16, 2024


How to Apply:

Please submit your resume to

Applications should be submitted before 4:30 pm on closing day.

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